Cremation Furnaces for Pet Animals

The “MINITRANSIT” series ovens are horizontal static combustion chamber crematoria that are characterised by their particular design, which enable performing, simultaneously and in a single solution, both of the cremation of one single animal and the indistinct incineration of several remains for which preservation of the remains is not necessary.

In order to optimise its use and to limit the costs of management, the system can in fact also only be activated when a quantity of material equal to the maximum load capacity has been introduced into the combustion chamber , whether this involves cremating both individually or collectively.

The systems of the “MINITRANSIT” series were conceived to meet the demand, specifically expressed, both of individuals (e.g., pet cemeteries or centres affiliated with a network of veterinary facilities) and of institutional entities involved in the control of strays, for a low-capacity system that allows exploitation of the economic impact resulting from the demand for cremations of individual pets.

This does not however preclude the possibility of meeting the demand for collective cremation on a small scale and/in relation to the problems imposed by preventive control.

The „MINITRANSIT” System, starting from those traditional technologies already widely tested and of proven reliability, enables the practical realisation of the need referred to above in respect of the most recent national and Community health (Regulation no. 1774/2002 CE ) and environmental provisions, ensuring:

  • Gaseous emissions in compliance with current legislation.
  • Reduced consumption and management costs.
  • Installation and quick and easy start-up.
  • Low and simple to perform maintenance.


Except as required by current regulations regarding fire prevention, the “MINITRANSIT” series ovens do not require special peripheral building structures: their size and compact structure will often allow installation in existing premises.


Komora za izgaranje

Dvostruka vrata za utovar/istovar pepela

Plamenik komore za izgaranje

Komora termoelementa za kremaciju

Naknadno izgaranje

Plamenik komore za naknadno izgaranje

Termoelement plamenika za izgaranje

Ventilator zraka za izgaranje

Uređaj za sprječavanje širenja dima

Spremnik za vodu uređaja za sprječavanje širenja dima

Pumpa s mlaznicama uređaja za sprječavanje širenja dima


Električni ormarić i upravljačka ploča

Senzor za detekciju kisika

Dvostruka vrata za utovar/istovar pepela

Videos of Cremation Furnace for Animals

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